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Semantics: the key to finance’s food chain
24 Feb

Semantics: the key to finance’s food chain

  • 24th February 2017
  • Kara Paslawska

The regulators that oversee the economy are drowning in oceans of data, but need better standards to make sense of it all. The struggle stemming from the lack of standardised data was clearly visible in 2012 when the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) needed to trace the so-called ‘London whale’, a trader who accumulated Credit Read More

08 Dec

Six years on from the financial crisis… where have we got to and where do we go from here?

Financial regulation remains as complex as ever. Complex new niches such as shadow banking, Fintech, and Over-the-Counter Derivatives, and the increasing interconnectedness of Financial Institutions (FIs) across the world, have led to greater risks to be managed for regulators. With this in mind, how they manage to get ahead of these rapid financial evolutions and Read More

15 Jul

What lies beneath?

JWG analysis. The Legal Entity Identifier is a top level form of identification, designed so that it can be applied and recognised universally.  Essentially, it should provide one unique code for each unique entity that holds data and be able to be applied anywhere in the world.  It sounds great doesn’t it?  It sounds like Read More

16 Jun

Regulatory reporting 2015 Part 2: The conflict

  • 16th June 2015
  • RegTechFS

JWG analysis. Eleven of the industry’s most high-profile trade associations and ISDA this week urged regulators to adopt consistent and harmonised trade reporting requirements across jurisdictions.  However, reporting rules are already on the books and the consequences are high for firms.   In part 1 of our analysis on reporting, published last week, we explored Read More

18 Nov

Blockchain to the identifier rescue?

  • 18th November 2014
  • RegTechFS

By Darragh O’Grady and JWG. According to the latest LEI research we picked up at FIMA, only 11% of the population of ‘regulated and listed’ companies have so far received an identifier. This got us thinking about what new identity solutions were out there and we called upon our blockchain guru to offer an opinion. Read More

18 Sep

Trade reporting – watch out!

  • 18th September 2014
  • RegTechFS

JWG analysis. The challenges of gaining oversight over the financial system are not going unnoticed.  We come back from the summer holidays with 5 leading indicators that suggest we are on the brink of bad news.  Bad news that is likely to spread far and wide. Firstly, in a new report, the US Government Accountability Read More

04 Jun

Building the MiFID II surveillance system: your checklist

In our previous article we looked at the current surveillance regime in Europe and the challenges of extending it. See here for more background on the 860 questions that need to be answered by 1 August. While not comprehensive, this will help describe three issues that should be on your checklist: context, identification and linkage. Read More

11 Feb

LEI update: hidden costs prevent enthusiastic take-up

  • 11th February 2014
  • RegTechFS

JWG analysis. Until the world has a definitive LEI, we are going to have to recognise that piecemeal adoption brings with it significant hidden costs in validating, enriching and mapping for regulatory purposes. LEI watchers have been encouraged to see Saudi Arabia and Italy joining the fold in the past month.  They might be just Read More

31 Jan

EBA to mandate LEI: But key questions remain unanswered

JWG analysis. In late October, the European Banking Authority (EBA) released a consultation on the use of the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) for CRD IV’s risk reporting requirements.  Now that the consultation phase has been concluded, firms may only have around 60 days to register LEIs for all their entities that report under CRD IV. Read More

09 Jan

Firms facing EMIR bottleneck? Late LEI registrants may be left out in the cold on 12 February

  • 9th January 2014
  • RegTechFS

Trade reporting for EMIR begins in February 2014 and firms are beginning to register their entities (and their clients) for LEIs in order to meet the deadline. However, registration volumes are set to increase as the EBA’s recent consultation paper indicates that the LEI will be used for CRD IV risk reporting, significantly expanding the Read More