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How to make RegTech Real: Four Policy Initiatives and Recommendations
05 Apr

How to make RegTech Real: Four Policy Initiatives and Recommendations

  • 5th April 2016
  • Adedayo Banwo

JWG’s recent series on the emerging regulatory barriers and issues in FinTech, does an excellent job of setting forth the main issues for what is sure to be a busy few years of calibration for regulatory compliance and reporting. The emergence of RegTech, roughly the ways in which the adoption of new technologies can help Read More

24 Sep

Operational risk and regulatory change

By Helen Pykhova, Director, The OpRisk Company, and Meredith Gibson, Head of Legal Risk, Santander UK. Introduction The reader will agree that we live in the age of regulation.  There is an enormous amount of change coming out of the new legislative and regulatory publications and the sheer number, scale and complexity of the initiatives Read More

17 Aug

The identity of an operational risk professional

Helen Pykhova, Director, The OpRisk Company, and Elizabeth Roberts, Managing Director, Sheffield Haworth, share their thoughts on the identity of an operational risk professional.  Over recent years, the importance of the operational risk profession within financial services has undoubtedly increased.  This has been due to a number of reasons, such as major corporate failures and Read More

30 Jun

Caught by Europe’s 2017 dragnet? New MiFID II standards could mean the worst

  • 30th June 2015
  • RegTechFS

By Sam Tyfield and JWG. While the latest chapter of the Greece tragedy plays out, today ESMA quietly released its final report on draft technical standards on the authorisations, passporting, registration of third country firms and cooperation between EU competent authorities. Compared to the Consultation Report published in December 2014, ESMA has clarified a number Read More

19 Mar

Are EU algo rules converging?

  • 19th March 2015
  • RegTechFS

By Sam Tyfield and JWG. Here algo again … Yesterday, ESMA published a notice stating that supervision of automated trading across the EU (in compliance with the ESMA guidelines from 2012) was converging.  We found that interesting – a closer look at the BaFin’s rules versus those MiFID II/R creates would appear to show less Read More

11 Feb

MiFID II: a new look at ‘last look’ pricing?

  • 11th February 2015
  • RegTechFS

By Robin Poynder, FMR advisory. Advancements in price distribution technologies and the advent of high frequency trading have forced firms’ IT departments to establish strict controls around best practice pricing for trades. CEO of FMR Advisory, Robin Poynder, explains the need for a standardised protection mechanism “last look”. “Some argue that last look is a Read More

09 Feb

Digital identity – KYC for the digital age?

  • 9th February 2015
  • RegTechFS

By Darragh O’Grady and JWG. Regulatory requirements coming in over the next 3 years will mean firms need to know – and prove that they know – more things about their customer than ever before.  Combined with the growth of ‘digital banking’, firms are now having to innovate on the digital front, whilst ensuring compliance Read More

28 Jan

Happy EU Data Protection Day!

By Sam Tyfield, Vedder Price. Back in 2009, the EU issued a Recommendation (which has no binding legal effect) on the use and application of RFIDs (which, for our purposes, means ID/swipe/access cards).  The EU has just issued a review of the implementation of the Recommendation EU-wide and has found take-up by EU member States Read More

11 Dec

The Blockchain as a regulated platform

  • 11th December 2014
  • RegTechFS

By Darragh O’Grady and JWG. In this fourth article in our Blockchain series, we asked RegTechFS contributor, Darragh O’Grady, what benefits blockchain technology could bring to the establishment and maintenance of trading platforms, particularly Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTF) in the context of forthcoming MiFID II implementation planning. According to MiFID, an MTF is a “multilateral Read More

31 Oct

Crypto-currencies and the network effect

By Darragh O’Grady and JWG. It is very easy to get confused and overwhelmed by all the crypto-currencies (or math-based currencies) out there. It started out relatively simple with just bitcoin a few years ago. Now other currencies have joined the fray, including but not limited to, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Ethereum, Mastercoin, Counterparty, Ripple, NXT, Read More