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Conduct risk – controlling Bigfoot?
17 Oct

Conduct risk – controlling Bigfoot?

JWG analysis. Conduct risk continues to be a hot topic.  There is a number of reasons for this: everybody’s being fined for it, there is a continuous stream of regulatory requirements demanding it and -probably most importantly – no-one knows exactly what it is. The FSA provided a definition in 2011 in their Retail Conduct Read More

24 Sep

Risk off

This article originally appeared in the autumn 2014 edition of Markit Magazine.   JWG analysis. The Basel Committee’s principles for effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting (BCBS 239) may be among the least well known components of the post-financial crisis reform package. Yet they could ultimately bring about the most significant changes to the Read More

05 Sep

The aftermath of summer 2014 … onwards and upwards?

JWG analysis. As the sun slips back into hibernation, schools reopen and autumn looms, regulators, lawyers, risk specialists, change managers and compliance professionals are returning to their desks. Here at JWG we have been busy tabulating the enormous level of movement in the regulatory space during the summer. For those of you lucky enough to Read More

11 Aug

Ready for the ‘summer of 39’ aftermath?

JWG analysis. This summer, regulatory pressure on financial services firms has ratcheted up to unprecedented levels.  Many may have breathed a sigh of relief as Dodd-Frank rule-making slowed … but the respite was only fleeting.  Since July, the industry has been bombarded with 39 new consultation papers (in the EU and UK alone) just as Read More

31 Jul

The never ending question: what is proportional?

JWG analysis. ‘What is proportional?’ is a question that firms may well find themselves pondering in the coming months as they begin implementation planning for MiFID II … and the same question is going to be asked by risk and compliance specialists on a regular basis once MiFID II goes live in 2017. This is Read More

24 Jun

RegDelta alert no 4: FDIC releases proposed rule on stress testing – 60 days to respond

JWG analysis. This month the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation published a proposal amending the Annual Stress Test rule. The Annual Stress Test rule, originally published in October 2012, requires that non-member banks and FDIC insured state-chartered savings associations with total consolidated assets of more than $10 billion conduct annual stress tests. The proposed amendment to Read More

30 Apr

Risk data aggregation: Getting ‘good data’ requires a new conversation

JWG analysis. Without a consolidated viewpoint on what new risk data requirements mean, firms will be at a loss when it comes to determining best practice. We are in the middle of a massive, global industry transformation with many rulebooks. With divergent regulatory timelines, standards and existing data architectures a common and holistic ‘best practice’ Read More

25 Mar

Regulatory reform – 2014 helicopter review

  • 25th March 2014
  • RegTechFS

Video: Regulatory reform – 2014 helicopter view. Regulation is coming thick and fast.  Seventy thousand pages a year fast! Dealing with this deluge with a page-by-page, regulation-by-regulation approach is becoming impossible as the G20 commitments become spread across many rulebooks.  This means that firms trying to tackle the changes one-by-one will end up with sky-high implementation Read More

20 Feb

Fed locks down capital standards: how will Europe respond?

JWG analysis. The Fed made some concessions in timing and scope, but pressed ahead with measures to insulate the US financial sector from future bailouts earlier this week.  The news stoked fears that European regulators may look to reciprocate, triggering a race to the highest common denominator when it comes to determining capital buffers, and potentially Read More

31 Jan

EBA to mandate LEI: But key questions remain unanswered

JWG analysis. In late October, the European Banking Authority (EBA) released a consultation on the use of the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) for CRD IV’s risk reporting requirements.  Now that the consultation phase has been concluded, firms may only have around 60 days to register LEIs for all their entities that report under CRD IV. Read More