7 December 2007FSA DP 07/7 - Review of liquidity requirements
1 May 2008FSA 08/3 每 Feedback on liquidity requirements review
4 December 2008FSA CP 08/22 每 Strengthening liquidity standards
31 December 2008FSA CP 08/23 Financial Stability and depositor protection: FSA responsibilities
31 December 2008FSA CP 08/24 Stress and scenario testing
2 March 2009Joint Industry Trade Associations' Response to the FSA CP 08/22: Strengthening Liquidity Standards
3 March 2009The FSA publishes "The Turner Review": a wide-ranging review of global banking regulation
7 April 2009FSA CP 09/13 - Strengthening liquidity standards 2: liquidity reporting
15 April 2009FSA Annual Report 2008/2009
1 June 2009FSA CP09/14: Strengthening liquidity standards 3: Liquidity transitional measures
15 June 2009Liquidity risk standing group (LRSG)
1 July 2009CM7667 - HMT Reforming financial markets
2 July 2009Response to FSA CP 09/13: Strengthening Liquidity Standards 2 - Liquidity Reporting
6 July 2009JWG Response to FSA CP 09/13: Strengthening Liquidity Standards 2 - Liquidity Reporting
7 July 2009BBA01 343987 v1 BBA response to the Review of Directive 94 19 EC on Deposit-Guarantee Schemes
24 July 2009Walker Review of Corporate Governance of UK Banking Industry
1 September 2009Bank regulation, capital and credit supply: Measuring the impact of Prudential Standards
1 October 2009PS09/16: Strengthening liquidity standards including feedback on CP08/22, CP09/13, CP09/14
2 October 2009The key IS development events for the collection of the data

2 July 2009Risk magazine
3 August 2009Fed testimony to US Senate Committee on Banking_Housing and Urban Affairs
4 August 2009OCC, Fed, FDIC, Treasury, Office of Thrift Supervision, National Credit Union Administration proposed interagency funding and liquidity risk guidance
2 September 2009Principles for Reforming the U.S. and International Regulatory Capital Framework
28 March 2010Interagency Policy Statement on Funding and Liquidity Risk Management

1 March 2007IIF - Principles of liquidity risk management
1 April 2008IMF - Global Financial Stability Report: Containing Systemic Risks and Restoring Financial Soundness
1 July 2008IIF 每 Principles of conduct and best practice recommendations
1 August 2008CRMPGIII 每 Containing systemic risk
1 September 2008BCBS - Principles of liquidity risk management
1 October 2008FSF 每 Enhancing market and institutional resilience
1 January 2009BCBS Principles for sound stress testing practices and supervision
6 July 2009Restoring Confidence, Creating Resilience: An industry perspective on the future of international financial regulation and the search for stability
1 September 2009G20 Progress update London
1 September 2009FM CBG Declaration
1 October 2009Risk Management Lessons from the Global Banking Crisis of 2008 self assessment template
2 October 2009Risk Management Lessons from the Global Banking Crisis of 2008 lessons
26 February 2010Strengthening the resilience of the banking sector
26 February 2010International framework for liquidity risk measurement, standards and monitoring

1 October 2007ECB - Liquidity risk management of cross border groups in EU
2 June 2008CEBS publishes CP 27 on its implementation guidelines on hybrid capital instruments
1 September 2008CEBS - Technical advice on liquidity risk to EC
3 November 2008ECB 每EU banks liquidity stress testing and contingency funding plans
2 March 2009CEBS reviews liquidity buffers
11 March 2009CESR/09-255 - The Lehman Brothers default: an assessment of the market impact
2 April 2009CEBS CP24 - High-level principles for risk management
1 June 2009CEBS publishes liquidity identity card
1 July 2009Consultation Paper on liquidity buffers & survival periods
1 July 2009Financial services: new rules on credit rating
1 July 2009PE-COS 3670/09
3 August 2009DNB Working Paper - Liquidity Stress-Tester
9 September 2009SEC(2009) 1235
2 March 2010Financial crisis response: Commission asks stakeholders for views on further possible changes to Capital Requirements Directive
2 March 2010Public consultation on the Capital Requirements Directive

2 June 2009The Bank of Japan's Approach to Liquidity Risk Management in Financial Institutions

1 October 2009APRA's prudential approach to ADI liquidity risk

New Zealand
26 February 2010NBDT Consultation Document: Liquidity Policy

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