About JWG

Who are JWG?

JWG are recognised by regulators, financial institutions and technology firms as the independent analysts to help determine how the right regulations can be implemented in the right way.

We are unique.

Our independence permits us to collaborate with regulatory and industry bodies, financial institutions and technology firms without serving the interests of any constituent over another.

What we do

Our collaborative, analytical and practical approach enables us to help the financial services industry figure out how to respond to - and implement - the required changes; and to act as an impartial industry voice.

Summary of our approach:

1. Mirroring the detailed compliance requirements specified by the regulatory bodies into business rules and standards with the industry

2. Shaping feedback for the regulatory bodies to help define what ‘good looks like’

3. Defining best practice industry frameworks and methodologies which align requirements to operating models.

Since 2006 we have analysed 100,000+ pages of regulatory text from across the globe and assessed the impact on our banking reference framework. We have produced over 400 documents including 30+ analysis reports.


To date, JWG have worked with over 100 financial institutions, 12 trade associations and 50 technology vendors and consultants. We have over 1,000 members.


  • In 2006 we built a think-tank that brought together the regulators, firms and vendors to better understand and prepare for the FSAP MiFID agenda
  • In 2007 we built a comprehensive reference operating model for EU regulatory compliance in the best execution, transaction reporting and record keeping arenas
  • In 2008 we launched the Customer Data Management Group (CDMG) to develop industry guidance that meets the requirements of MiFID and Anti Money Laundering legislation
  • In 2009 we established the global Liquidity Risk Action Network (LiRAN), whose website has so far attracted over 17,000 visits from 108 countries
  • In 2010 we secured a mandate from the UK government to identify how firms, regulators and legislators can contribute most effectively to the new EU requirements for systemic risk reporting in Financial Services
  • In 2011 we helped lead the global debate on regulatory data strategy and risk data policy standards. We also launched regulatory change management products to track 250,000 pages of global change requests for the Financial Services’ infrastructure
  • In 2012 we worked with practitioners to identify the rules which cause the highest operational pain points across the infrastructure and with regulators to shape new standards.


    PJ Di Giammarino (CEO, JWG)


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