Anna Reitman, Editor, Automated Trader.  ‘I've been using JWG's information for years to stay on top of the dynamic regulatory landscape. Their commentary is insightful, timely and targets the specific developments that people in the industry are concerned about, or soon will be. As a journalist and researcher who needs to make sense of regulations, I applaud their ongoing projects, one of which organises and databases the complex web of global regulations for ease of search.’ August 2014, London, UK

JWG's collaborative text with Andreas Von Bohlen, “MiFID-Kompendium”, continues to be in high demand after its 2008 release, remaining the most popular text on Amazon regarding MiFID.

Charlotte Wright, Senior Conference Producer - PRA & Tax Training Content Manager, OsneyMedia:  ‘JWG’s CEO, PJ Di Giammarino, joined the speaker faculty at TSAM Europe 2013 and, as usual was ranked well above average by delegates for his presentation on regulations, with over a third of the audience grading his speech as ‘excellent’.  Comments included ‘Very Good’, ‘Clear overview of challenges in regulatory landscape’ and ‘interesting solution offered by JWG Group’.  What’s more, JWG Group have been a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to any opportunity for collaboration again in the future.’  March 2013, London

Julie Nicolas, Conference Director - Capital Markets, Worldwide Business Research Limited: ‘I was impressed with PJ’s input at our TradeTech FX launch earlier this year. He clearly well prepared prior to the event and delivered very well on stage during a panel discussion on ‘Unlocking the complex regulatory agenda and how it will drive change within the FX industry’ alongside Kay Swinburne from the European Parliament and Heather Pilley from the FSA. FX so far has been overlooked by regulators and this is something many senior trading professionals will start panicking about very soon. PJ was able to make the audience aware of what is yet to come and how they can best prepare despite changing times and the unpredictability of the markets’. October 2012, London

Safia Bellamy, Conference Producer, Osney Media: ‘Another engaging presentation delivered by PJ at this year’s TSAM Europe. PJ received excellent feedback from delegates who found his presentation “very rich in substance” and left them wanting more. It was a pleasure working with PJ and the JWG Group’. 7 March 2012, London UK

Josie Green, Conference Producer, Marcus Evans: ‘This year’s liquidity management conference came after a year of change and uncertainty. As the chairman for the event, PJ initiated a number of lively discussions highlighting the amount of work to be done in the foreseeable future, whilst also clarifying that these changes are not only achievable but essential’. 9th Annual Liquidity Management conference – 11/12 March 2010, London, UK

Charlotte Wright, Conference Producer, OsneyMedia: ‘At this year’s TSAM, PJ delivered another thorough, dynamic presentation, which received excellent feedback from the audience. I would have no hesitation in inviting PJ to speak at future events.’ 8 March 2011, London UK

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