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The Capital Markets Chamber

London – 10 October.  JWG-IT Think-Tank and The Financial Services Club announce the launch of the Capital Markets Chamber, a new radical debating club to challenge the sustainability of current operating models in the FS industry.  Each month, the Chamber will debate a motion which will be proposed and opposed by leading industry players and chaired by PJ Di Giammarino, CEO, JWG-IT under the Chatham House Rule.

It will be fun, but serious.  A place where players in the market can say what they really mean and listen to others doing likewise.  A place for open and insightful debate with your peers and the opportunity to air your views in complete safety.

Chris Skinner, CEO FS Club, enthused, “this is just the forum the City needs, where participants can talk freely to discuss the things that really matter.  We have a series of timely hot topics and some very interesting speakers lined up over the coming months.”

The first event will be on 14 October with a debate on “This house believes that multiple Nicks and Jeromes pervade the City”, followed by a networking reception. 

The Capital Markets Chamber is brought to you by JWG-IT and the Financial Services Club For more information call 020 7870 8004 or click here for more details.

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