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Is your infrastructure robust enough for regulatory reform?

22 March, 2012 , 1700 - 1900

A complimentary seminar

JWG’s review of over a dozen regulatory initiatives with banking, capital markets and insurance executives across Europe reveals a large gap between new regulatory expectations and current views of what ‘good ICT infrastructure’ looks like. You will be held accountable by the regulators … so how do you ensure that your applications, data, data centres and relevant third party suppliers comply with new, exacting standards?

Compliance, Operations, IT and all decision makers for ICT infrastructure across firms should be worried about how well they are going to meet these regulatory expectations.

Our extensive survey showed:

40% of those interviewed lacked confidence in their infrastructure’s ability to comply
57% believed suppliers and regulators, rather than firms, will set standards
90% doubted third party services will be good enough by 2015
Getting it wrong will mean tens of millions in fines, more capital and loss of licences

G20, European and UK regulatory reforms call for upgrades to financial institutions’ operating models, legal structures and cross-border data processing controls. Through thousands of pages of ‘change requests’, Basel III, MiFID/R, EMIR, RRPs, Solvency II, FTT, data privacy and other new regulations are pressuring existing in-house and outsourced foundations. Clearly, the supply chain needs to deploy ‘big data’ solutions for much more than just spotting market trends …

The bottom line is that the way financial services infrastructure is managed today may not be fit for purpose 18 months from now. Getting it wrong now could mean your firm will face severe consequences in the form of fines, capital requirements and licences.

Come and hear our panel discuss:

Which specific G20 regulatory requirements are driving the biggest changes and by when?
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How are the issues being factored into today's decisions by senior management?
What emerging standards are being defined for 'good infrastructure'?
When will key decisions need to be made and what will trigger them?
What will the target operating model of 2015 look like?

The challenge is massive and three consultations are in progress now.  Come join speakers including a legal expert from DLA Piper, an IPUG executive, a former senior Bank of America Merrill Lynch technologist, now CIO of LCH, and the head of internal controls for Lloyds and find out what it will take to rethink and retool your FS infrastructure before it is too late:

Venue: ABI, 7th Floor, 51 Gresham Street, London, EC2V 7HQ
22 March, 2012

17:00 Coffee and registration
Welcome and introduction
JWG’s helicopter view of G20 ICT infrastructure management requirements by PJ Di Giammarino, CEO, JWG Group Ltd
Panel discussion: Chair: PJ Di Giammarino
David Berry IPUG Executive, IPUG
Richard Crews Senior Manager, Internal Control, Membership and Compliance, Market Services, Corporation of Lloyd's
Patrick Lastennet    Director Business Development & Marketing, Financial Services, Interxion
Michael McKee Head of Financial Services Regulatory, DLA Piper UK LLP
Tom Zschach Chief Information Officer, LCH Clearnet
Q&A followed by drinks and networking

Who should attend?

JWG   Regulatory/legal/compliance: Technical experts and programme management

JWG   Technology: Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, BCP directors, data centre strategists

JWG   Planning: Strategic planners, Chief Administrative Officers, Chief Operating Officers

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