Membership fees

Membership types are tailored to your needs.  The table below describes the different membership types and price lists.  Although registration to the website is free (click to register for the website at the top of the page), access to specific content is based on membership type. 

Membership type

Membership fee

Membership validity


Associate (Retail)



  • Ability to view all documents and information made public for retail users
  • Invitation to workshops and forums open to retail members, at JWG's discretion



£5,000 pa

One year

  • More insight, 'Know your' business framework positioning, collateral hosting, news, alerts, quarterly market update insight meetings and networking events with ability to purchase additional services

SIG Member

From £15,000 per SIG pa

One year

White Member

From £18,000 pa

One year

  • Member benefits, plus two SIG memberships and JWG IP database access

Blue Member

From £28,000

One year

  • Member benefits, plus access to all SIGs and JWG IP database access


 All prices subject to VAT