Our model and mission

JWG is a think-tank, established in January 2006, in the belief that MiFID, like most EU regulation, could be implemented better, faster and cheaper through industry collaboration across the technology value chain. It is impartial and brings together financial institutions and trusted technical experts to jointly develop practical IT solutions to changes driven by FS regulation.

The FSAP demands major changes to current industry practices. Conventional compliance methods to deal with the requirements of implementation would take too long and cost too much. Despite 80% business process commonality across tens of thousands of market participants, the industry has until now lacked any effective way of collaborating.

Our founder, PJ Di Giammarino, co-chaired the MiFID Joint Working Group IT Subject Group, which debated MiFID policy prior to Level 2 ratification. The Working Group's six months of open discussion concluded that associations, consultants and research houses don't have an effective approach to solve the task at hand and that a subscription-based membership model is the best approach.

There is no commercial entity today quite like JWG. In conjunction with legal experts, we have built a business model that protects members' intellectual property while allowing collaborative creation of IP without the risk of non-member infringement.

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