JWG people

We are a team of experienced analysts and associates who work with leading partners to offer a comprehensive service to members. The core team of five is supplemented when required by long standing associates, with experience in different financial and regulatory areas, to get the job done.


Meet the analysts

Alaric Gibson, Research Analyst, Since joining JWG in 2010, Alec has focused on investigating the global G20 change agenda.  He works with financial institutions, and with their regulators and suppliers, to bring practical insights into the implementation global regulatory reform.  His work has included coordinating JWG’s Customer Data Management Group (CDMG), developing a financial services regulatory ontology, building a comprehensive G20 library and facilitating Tier 1 firms’ benchmarks of their implementation approaches to regulatory requirements.  Additionally he is a frequent contributing author to RegTechFS and Banking Technology.



Daniel Simpson, Research Analyst, joined JWG in 2014.  Dan received a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and History from the London School of Economics in 2012, focusing his studies around international political economy.  He is currently researching the impact of MiFID II /MiFIR and other EU trading regulation on the global marketplace, writing articles for RegTechFS and modelling G20 regulatory reform.



Elliot Burgess joined JWG in 2014.  Originally from Manchester, he spent much of his educational life in Melbourne, Australia, where he read history at undergraduate level and went on to receive a Masters in Global Media Communications from the University of Melbourne.  A frequent contributor to JWG’s news website, RegTechFS, Elliot’s areas of regulatory focus include structural and trading reform across the globe, as well as tracking the international bodies that shape financial regulation.  



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